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How Much Does Leaving My Computer On Cost?

Do you leave your computer on at home or work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? That is equivalent to leaving THIRTEEN 60 watt lights on all of the time! How much do you think that costs per month on your electric bill? On average, leaving your computer on all of the time […]


Should Employers Ban Email After Work Hours?

Post by Right Nerd. Like many of you, I often work outside of regular office hours while at home, in the airport, and sometimes on vacation. Mobile technology has created a “new normal” work life for a lot of us: Gallup’s research reveals that nearly all full-time U.S. workers (96%) have access to a computer, smartphone, or […]


Snapchat Makes Messages Disappear

Snapchat, a time-limited message-sharing app, has allegedly turned down billion-dollar offers from Facebook and Google. Never post anything to social media that you wouldn’t want your mother to see. A pretty good rule of thumb, if you assume a particular post will linger in perpetuity. A new app called Snapchat, however, argues that some photos and […]